Radio Tele Nago
591 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226
718-856-8179 / 917-513-7534

Dear Listeners.
It has been more than twenty years since Radio Nago have been serving the Haitian community, and now the radio is in dire situation. As you may notice, some people in certain neighborhood cannot listen to the radio due to our weak and old system. As a result, we are asking you to help us to buy a new system, which will enable you to listen to the radio just like you used too many years ago. Below is the equipment that we need along with the price.

RVR TEX 500 Watts FM Exciter $5595.00. For verification of these equipment and the price you may call this number 630-736-9822.

We hope that as a loyal friend and listener of Radio Nago, you will once again show your support by helping us getting these equipments. We have many exciting plans for the rest and upcoming year, but in order for us to make it happen we strongly need your support. The above price is what the equipment is actually cost. You can help us getting these equipment either by writing a check payable to Frantz Gourgue or direct deposit into a checking account of any Chase Bank: 852308410.
Thank you for your understanding and corporation.

Yours truly,

Lionel Labardy,PDGM